Every year, our Founder will work with first-generation high school students from low socio-economic status on a pro bono basis. Students must be motivated, high-achievers who need help navigating the complexities of college applications and scholarship searches. If you know of such a student who needs a college consultant, please contact us.

Our Founder also serves as a mentor for Transitioning Together, a mentoring program at Newton North High School for first-generation students in the process of applying to college. Each student in the program is paired with a mentor for 18 months, is connected to resources throughout the year, and actively participates in programming workshops on topics such as college matching, financial aid, and essay writing. The Transitioning Together mentors support students throughout the college search and application process. ThriveAdmission is also an official T-Squared Partner.

I am still a bit incredulous that our son was accepted to his 1st-choice school, and this would not have been possible without the help and support of ThriveAdmission.
— Boston Mom

ThriveAdmission College Counseling-Brandeis-T2-Group
May 2023 Graduation Ceremony
Katie Thatcher of ThriveAdmission

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If you would like to learn more and set up a free consultation, please contact us.