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  • Personalized & constant guidance
  • A unique ability to get to the essence of students & then maximize their potential
  • Stress relief
  • Family harmony
  • Peace of mind
  • Help differentiating college myth from reality
  • An infusion of fun into an otherwise daunting process
  • Getting into college is wildly different than it was 25 years ago

You will work directly with our Founder, Katie Thatcher. She’s an expert in helping students meet their school admission goals. Katie also has the benefit of hiring post-college graduates for 20 years so she knows the value of a specific college education and how it will serve a student. She will always respond to you promptly with consistent and personalized service. Families can engage us at any point during a student’s high school career. Our consulting services extend to both students and their parents. Rather than use a separate expert for essay writing, college choice advising, and application tracking, ThriveAdmission can be your college concierge for all of these services to streamline a time-consuming and complicated process. We take a holistic approach to college admissions and work to ensure our students are able to flourish in college.

Many parents try to go it alone, but what inevitably happens is that it’s tough to balance college admissions with work, social engagements, fitness, and keeping your family fed & clothed. It’s a daunting task to take on learning the fine points of college admissions while nagging your child so they don’t miss application deadlines. By having ThriveAdmission at your side, you’re able to rely on our expertise and also make the process fun. Students often feels more motivated with an outside party and are less stressed. We like to drive results that parents didn’t think were possible.

  • The introduction of the Common Application, Coalition Application, and Universal College Application made it easy for students to apply to double or triple the number of schools than before electronic applications.
  • Colleges actively and indiscriminately market to students, which increases their applicant pool and drives down their selectivity percentage (making them more selective).
  • Many colleges are admitting more international students who can pay full price, leaving fewer spots for U.S. applicants.
  • There are just more students out there. In 2013, there were 2.5 million high school graduates. In 2017, according to the federal Department of Education, there were 3.6 million graduates.
  • More students are applying to college. 30 years ago, only half of high school graduates were applying to college. Today, almost two-thirds of all high school graduates are applying to college.

8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. During the earlier years, we would only meet quarterly. Junior and senior years the meetings ramp up to daily or weekly during high season. We believe it’s important to start early in the process. We help guide students to a position of self discovery and distinguished excellence by the time applications are submitted. Note: because we take on a limited number of clients in each class, we often reach capacity for sophomores so it’s rare to have openings for juniors and seniors.

We will work with you to create a unique plan that fits your college admission experience and schedule. We will be texting, calling, emailing, using Zoom, and employing our college-planning platforms to make connecting easy.

Not surprisingly, every student is unique. Activities are something we cover during individual meetings. We help students find the right activities that bring out their passions, while discouraging students from overloading on meaningless activities merely for the sake of a college application.

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ThriveAdmission College Counseling FAQ

No, but we can offer strategic guidance on these topics.

We don’t use an algorithm, but rather pull from conversations with a student and almost three decades of knowledge of colleges to determine best-fit schools. We also utilize an assessment that pulls from a student’s interests and aptitudes to suggest potential careers and majors.

If you purchase our Comprehensive College Planning Package, we will be with you through high school graduation. We will work with you to submit your applications and make your ultimate decision on which school to attend.

ThriveAdmission takes on a limited number of students each year to ensure the best possible service. We are confident you will get timely, thoughtful, and personalized service.

All meetings occur via Zoom.

Yes. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We have a 30-day full refund period for all of our programs. If you decide to go another route after 30 days, refunds would be pro rata based upon the discounted hourly rate established in your Services Agreement.

We provide a free 30-minute consultation to answer any questions you might have. Click here to set up an appointment.

ThriveAdmission helped me with every aspect of the application process, and made getting all of the work done easier. Katie was able to help me with any questions I had while applying. Applying to college was a very stressful time, but once I started using ThriveAdmission’s counsel, my stress completely disappeared. I found the most helpful part of the experience was the essay process; Katie was very collaborative and supportive while writing the essays, and I could give her my unorganized, jumbled up ideas and she would help me turn them into the polished products colleges were looking for. Overall, ThriveAdmission is an excellent service and I highly recommend it!

-– Senior at St. John’s Preparatory School