At ThriveAdmission, we pride ourselves on taking on a limited number of students and working closely with those students to discover their distinguishing excellence. Our goal is to take the stress out of the college admission experience and infuse some of the joy that is missing in this journey of self discovery. We want every student to end up at a school that best suits them and allows them to thrive. It's vitally important that students find the best-fit colleges for themselves to avoid the staggering statistics involving transfer and drop-out students. Relying solely on the student's school guidance counselor can be difficult purely based on the number of students that a counselor oversees. Nationally, the current student to counselor ratios are 476 to one. According to research conducted by the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), public school students in the U.S, on average, receive a total of 38 minutes of personal college counseling with their guidance counselor over four years.

We work with students of all types, but our specialty is helping students who are thinking about eventually attending law school. We will be at your side as you apply to college and stay available to you for law school and legal career advice down the road. ThriveAdmission's Founder is a former corporate lawyer and has spent over 20 years working for law firms and law schools helping lawyers be successful. Her strength is in getting to know an individual's essence and uniqueness, and then determining what path will help them thrive.

Our business is a local one (with a national reach) and you will always work directly with its Founder. She's available to students and parents throughout the application process and will also give career advice through the college years and beyond. Working with families on the college admission experience is a humbling responsibility that we take with heartfelt intensity. We love helping all students achieve incredible results!

Comprehensive College Planning Package

We will start working with students as early as 8th grade and stay with them through graduation. We also offer career counseling beyond their high school graduation.

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A La Carte Services

You also have the ability to pay an hourly rate to get specific help on any part of the application process.

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